Securit-e-doc developed groundbreaking, server-based applications for sensitive (encrypted) data "cloud" storage, access, highly secure transmission over open networks for the Intelligence Community, US Military, Government agencies, Law enforcement and private sector global organizations for server hardening, server-based, end-to-end communication/storage solutions. Provided secure point-to-point data transport, storage and a management platform that surpassed the boundaries, complexities and deployment issues of conventional email, PKI, VPNs and firewalls.

It was a global communication solution that was engineered to empower both server administrators and users to leverage the Internet or Intranet to provide secure communications in a flexible, scalable, cost effective way without the requirement for third party security applications such as PKI.

Securit-e-doc insured that critical data stored on a server remains protected at all times using powerful encryption allowed only authorized users access to data. Individuals or groups were able to collaborate with complete privacy.

Securit-e-doc was a business solution for managing sensitive files and messages over the Internet and addresses the regulatory requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley (Public Companies), Sensitive Classified (Government), HIPAA (Healthcare), 21 CFR Part 11 (Life Science), Gramm Leach Bliley (Finance), and the California Privacy Act.

Securit-e-doc was awarded US Patents, a NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) Validation of Securit-e-doc's advanced SITT encryption module with FIPS 140-1 Compliance and the implementation of a fully Certified US Nuclear-level Quality Assurance program and the award of a US Federal GSA Schedule Contract.

Securit-e-doc obtained classification from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce such that global export was fully permitted for its product line relating to mission critical Cyber-security. Securit-e-doc was deployed at NASA and the U.S. Postal Service-OIG.