April 23, 2014 - Craig email to Ira
"The software Dave updated and which I have transferred back in OUR company(Coin-Exch), and it is OURs as you are Dave’s heir, was done at a zero tax level."
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company - 31 patents   
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  1. System and method for managing lending in a non-debt system
  2. 2P - Lending
  3. Peer to peer exchange - Exchange model
  4. Bitcoin banking system
  5. Peer to peer exchange - (d) Automated self-enforcing derivatives
  6. Peer to peer exchange - (e) Collateralized debt obligation
  7. Method for coordinating smart property--guaranteed loans utilising the blockchain
  8. Peer to peer exchange - Mobile ATM model
  9. Peer to peer exchange - Insurance markets  
  10. Method and system for managing spending through wallet allocation
  11. Chargeback and escrow system based on bitcoin
  12. Automated P2P cryptocurrency loan risk assessment system and method
  13. Systems and methods for credit worthiness scoring and non-debt and cryptocurrency loan facilitation
  14. Cryptocurrency Accounting allocation accuracy methodology Intercompany loan management system that utilizes the Blockchain Electronic P2P Margin Management System
  15. Intercompany loan management system that utilizes the Blockchain
  16. lEectronic P2P Margin Management System
  17. System, Method and computer program for operating web-based collective e-money lending/borrowing circles between members and non-members of social networking sites and DASOs
  18. System and method for implementing a revenue recognition model based on hashed information stored in Blockchain transactions
  19. General ledger (gl) journal delete/accounting line reversal blockchain service
  20. Pay yourself first with auto bill pay system and method for blockchain accounting and budget system
  21. Pay yourself first with revenue generation as a system to budget against the blockchain
  22. Blockchain integrated Budget management system and method
  23. A method to encrypt and notarize messages using the bitcoin protocol
  24. Extensible object oriented framework for blockchain integrated general ledger
  25. Online wallet User interface for processing requests for approval in company accounts
  26. Apparatus and method for dynamically auditing blockchain accounts to produce metadata
  27. Cryptocurrency-implemented method and system for reading transactions posted into the blockchain and posting journal entries to general ledger
  28. An authentication system based on the use of cryptocurrency wallets
  29. Blockchain integrated revenue management systems and methods with re-rating and rebilling
  30. A blockchain and cryptocurrency Gift card assembly and method
  31. General ledger chart of accounts combination editing request response


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